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About ME

My name is Kimberly Moore and I am honored to be the academic director for Leaps and Bounds Tutorial Centers. For more than 25 years, I have worked in education. I have served as a beginning reading teacher, reading interventionist, and math interventionist for various school districts.

It has been such a blessing to work with the amazing teachers and staff at Leaps and Bounds. We are dedicated to providing the very best learning experiences for our students. Our tutors are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in teaching various types of learners.  Stop by or give us a call today.  Our friendly office staff is waiting to assist you.  With Leaps and Bounds you get more than a tutor; you get a village! 


25+ Years

Working in Education


The mission of the staff and educators of Leaps and Bounds Tutorial Centers is to help students recognize and develop their academic potential while strengthening confidence in their own abilities.


Believe! Achieve! Excel!  We Believe in our students and in turn teach them to Believe in themselves. With hard work and a positive attitude, our students not only Achieve their goals, but they surpass them and Excel!

Our Most Popular Classes

Beginning Reading-$45 per hour

This program is for any age child on a beginning reading level. It focuses on five basic parts of reading:


The relationship between letters and the different sounds they make. This can be in relation to single letters or groupings of letters. 

Phonemic awareness: 

 An understanding of how consonant or vowel sounds can be arranged to make words. Examples of phonemic awareness include being able to identify words that rhyme, recognizing alliteration, segmenting a sentence into words, identifying the syllables in a word, and blending and segmenting onset-rimes.


The range of words a student is able to understand and use in context.


The ability to read and understand words with accuracy, speed and comprehension.


Complete understanding of information being delivered by a text.

Reading skills
$45 per hour

The student will develop comprehension and vocabulary skills for any grade level.

Math Concepts
$45 per hour

Sessions will provide important skill building in basic computational skills, the language of mathematics, and problem solving for any grade level.

Writing and Grammar
$45 per hour

Students will understand the writing process, from idea to draft, workshop to revision, and the importance of all steps. Sessions will also include lessons dealing with grammar, spelling, sentence structure and vocabulary.

$50 per hour

The student will learn to visualize and analyze geometric relationships and develop inductive and deductive reasoning. After taking this class the student will understand the characteristics of geometric figures and how to apply basic rules in solving problems.

Algebra I and II
$50 per hour

The student will develop skills in patterns, functions, graphing, problem solving, and reasoning.


The SAT & ACT is a standardized test that is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors to measure literacy, numeracy, and writing skills that are needed for academic success in college. The test consists of three sections: math, evidence-based reading, and writing2.  The classes are designed to offer a content review of what is on the exam as well as test-taking strategies.

STAAR preparation is included with any program for public school students learning on a
3rd - 11th grade level.


Frequently Ask Questions.

At Leaps and Bounds you create your own schedule. First, decide the number of hours per week your child will attend tutorials.  Then select the days and times for your child’s tutorials.

You will make this decision after the initial assessment has been given and the results have been discussed.  Our minimum is 1.5 hours per week.  The maximum is 6.


You can rest assured that your child is being taught by highly qualified individuals. Our teachers have years of experience helping children learn.  They care about the success of their students and they enjoy teaching.

A tutorial session at Leaps & Bounds is a rewarding and fun time of learning. Each student is taught as an individual, and not as part of a group. Lesson plans written by our teachers include direct teaching time, guided practice and individual practice. Teachers also utilize various teaching tools including manipulatives, books, flashcards, etc. This can vary by subject and age of the student.

Every child is unique; there is not a specific time frame for results.  However, we do know that you will see positive results in the student's attitude and self-esteem right away. When self esteem increases, learning and grades will increase also.  We give progress reports every six weeks, and parent conferences upon request.

We require that tutorial sessions are paid bi-weekly or monthly in advance. 

We have a core list of subjects (see Popular Classes) but, we will tutor in others. If you are not sure about the subject you want, just ask!

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